Monday, March 31, 2008

My Wife The Weather Girl

My wife should really get a job as a weather girl. When I mentioned this morning that it was going to rain and that I should take my umbrella she said that it wouldn't rain today but would tomorrow. So, I didn't take my brolly. Lo and behold it starting raining before I arrived at the bus stop. Alighting from the bus I had to make a quick dash to work. At least I didn't get drenched like a few other people.

Just for the record we've had 26.8mm of rain so far today, just over the inch mark, and it rained nearly all the working day. Apparently we are in front of the average rainfall for the year. Mandurah, about 60km south, had 60mm. Miky appears perfectly suited to inform us of the coming weather.


Susan Ham said...

You're in a 'class' of your own. A man who listens to his wife!

Anonymous said...

You should have brought your umbrella ha ha Annette