Friday, March 30, 2007

How Embarrassing

Bit chilly this morning so I wore a heavy jacket, even though it was going to warm up to 30 degrees. As I approached the bus stop I noticed the bus so I made a run for it. "Just what I need in my heavy jacket," I thought. Somebody was waiting at the bus stop so I arrived in time not to hold anybody up.

Then it happened. One of those dreadful moments you hope never happen to you.

I pulled my wallet out to tag on with my SmartRider. The wallet must have been upside down and all of the bank cards, library cards, discount cards, etc, that were living in the sleeves decided to disengage the wallet. And boy, did they spread out over the floor. Right in front of a bus load of people. And the bus driver waited for me to pick them up. When I got to about the last two cards he made the decision to depart.

Guess where the only seat available was? Yes, at the front of the bus facing everybody. Thankfully I had my sunglasses and a newspaper which allowed me to ignore all the stares that must have been in my direction.

How embarrassing.


Susan Ham said...

As Effie would say, how embarrassment!!

David said...

Heh, now that is embarassing. Though ignorance is bliss.

Its'a almost as bad as the time a condom fell out of my book that a girl I was dating was reading. Odd thing is, she's now my girlfriend!

Maybe its all good luck?

Hammy said...

So David, my cards fall out of my wallet on the bus and I'm supposed to pick-up with the bus driver, is that it? I hope that's not the case.