Monday, April 02, 2007

So Much Time And So Little To Say

The weekend before last Yu-Jin stayed over at his friend's house. Well, he nearly didn't because we'd organised it the week before and then forgotten about it. His friend's mum rang to see if we were still coming. Hastily readied some tea for him as we were preparing to go out for a meal.

Dropped him off and went to Senoji Restaurant in Vic Park. I think Senoji translates to "Wait a moment" or "Please wait" as that's all the waitstaff said to us that night. Along with "Thanks for your patience". We sat there, the two of us, and found it so hard to talk about anything. Normally junior is there with heaps to say and you are fighting to get a word in edgeways. This time there was no incentive.

Our food took over 30 minutes to come out (that review I read where they indicated that service was a bit slow was correct) but we weren't worried by that. In the end we found plenty to talk about, as a married couple should, but it was a strange feeling for a while. Just needed that little something to push us.

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