Friday, April 06, 2007

Miserable Day Finally Over, I Hope

What a horrible day yesterday was. The day before Easter holidays started and a four day break. It was quiet at work for an hour and a bit. Then the phone started ringing, emails started coming in that needed my immediate attention, somebody ordered the wrong sized cable and I had to change the order, Miky calls me and yells at me because I've given her the wrong birth certificate for Yu-Jin to renew his passport.

This rigmarole lasted until lunchtime when things died down a little bit, although I did go to lunch over an hour late as it was, and it wasn't too bad by about four o'clock. Another hour and a half and work was done. Time to go home to my lovely wife who had calmed down a little bit.

Last night I spent an hour and a half going through all of my papers looking for Yu-Jin's birth certificate. Ended up shredding two bins full of papers not required anymore, threw out a few magazines and papers of no use and generally tidied up my computer room quite well. No sign of the birth certificate.

Then it hit me. Perhaps we had sent this paperwork out to get something and it was never returned. As it is, there are only three places that I would keep it anyway and it wasn't in the most obvious place, despite having looked there thoroughly two or three times. Miky was a great deal calmer after my explanation of that possibility. Bed at 1:30. At least the room is clean even if the paperwork was nowhere to be found. It will only take 30 mins, and $40, to get it replaced. But the room is tidy.

Spring clean came early this year. About five months early.

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