Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Even More Ben Cousins Jokes

Q. Did you hear that Ben Cousins has picked up an acting gig whilst he's in America for rehab?
A. He'll be a special guest on the family comedy "Happy Daze".

If Ben Cousins worked for McDonalds they would change their annoying slogan to "Would you like coke with that?"

Since Ben Cousins started working at McDonalds sales of coke have gone throught the nose, er, roof. It's nothing to be snorted at.


Susan Ham said...

Enough already!!!

Ben Cousins Jokes said...

More than a year on and it appears that Ben Cousins is still having trouble being taken seriously by AFL clubs!

Freebies Free Stuff said...

Q. Why did Ben Cousins play for the WEst Coast EaglEs?

A. Because they were the team with the most E's

AFL said...

I'm pretty sure that none of these jokes are authorised AFL merchandise!