Saturday, April 21, 2007

Birthday Dinner At A Revolving Restaurant

Note, I said a revolving restaurant. Not a revolting restaurant.

Yes, there is a revolving restaurant in Perth. It’s called C Restaurant - and is situated on St Georges Tce.

The day started with me making breakfast in bed and being late for the bus because of the extra time involved. The missus on this day is more important than work. I was about three minutes late in getting to work. Then a bit later on I received a phone call from the childcare centre where Yu-Jin was because Miky had forgotten to book him and he was due to go on an excursion. After many phone calls it was decided that Miky didn’t have to return to sign him in on this occasion. She spent the day at work after initially going to have the day off.

Straight after work she picked me up and we found a parking spot near the restaurant. It’s on the 33rd floor and access is definitely by lift. We were greeted politely and told that a fabulous table had been reserved for us. I told the girl that I thought every table should be fabulous. I was also asked if I had my early bird voucher. The deal was that we received $15 off each meal if we dined between 6-8pm which, for a family, was ideal as it would be stupid going out to eat at 7:30 or 8 o’clock. I’m not as cheap as I seem. Well, sometimes.

The view was wonderful, even if the sunset was a little spoilt by some incoming storm clouds. Our meals were very nice and the waitstaff were pleasant. Christophe, from France, was our waiter and a Chinese girl came around and asked if we would like, “Clacked pepper”. It took a split second to decipher that she wanted to serve us cracked pepper. When Christophe asked if Miky would like wine she replied with, “No thanks, we don’t drink alcohol.” He proceeded to ask me and I responded, “I’m in the same boat as her.” He asked, “Are you Australian?” and then said, “You are the first Australian I have met that doesn’t drink.” That’s not the first time I have heard that.

Miky's Birthday 2007.

Northbridge from C Restaurant.

Northbridge Tunnel from C Restaurant.

Perth City from C Restaurant.

The Narrows Bridge from C Restaurant.

We had a lovely time and took a few pics. When we went to pay the bill the girl who had greeted us and taken my voucher charged us the full set menu price. Christophe noticed this and informed her of her mistake upon which she recalculated the bill. It still seemed too high but I paid. When we got downstairs I noticed that I had been charged for a cocktail and two other drinks totalling $47! So I went back upstairs in an elevator with a young couple. The same girl who had greeted us couldn’t work out how to refund the money and had someone else do it. The young couple were left waiting.

The money was refunded and then this girl apologised to the young couple as she thought that we were together. Very poor service from someone, in a classy establishment, who had served me only four or five minutes earlier. Not impressed.

But we would go again, for sure. Great atmosphere and lovely food. Almost perfect setting too.

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