Monday, April 23, 2007

When Is A Pupil Free Day Not Like A Pupil Free Day?

When the kid has to go to school. The first Monday of every new term is a pupil free day. It's used so that the teachers can get all learned up. In students' time of course. And it just makes it that little bit more difficult for working parents who have to go back to work after two weeks off. I don't know too many people in that situation anyway.

Today was the first day of the school term. So Yu-Jin stayed at home. He went to visit a boy who is staying nearby with his grandma so that they could play together at the playground. His grandma told Miky that he had gone to school. So Miky rang Yu-Jin's school. The principal answered the phone and told her that indeed school was on today. Whoops! She raced him off to school and luckily he didn't miss the circus that he'd paid $10 to attend. When I say circus that's what the form said. In actual fact it was just one girl performing some tricks with spinning plates and the like.

I'll go and wipe the egg off my face now.

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