Monday, April 30, 2007

Just Call Me The Muffin Man

Saturday was the usual work, lunch, taekwondo, shopping, day is practically over. Sunday was a little bit busier. You see, today is the boy's birthday. Being a school day he will take something to school for the other kids to eat and it turns out that muffins were decided upon.

I had to wait a bit longer than planned before heading to the markets as it was pouring with rain early on. Managed to catch a window where it didn't rain. Got everything I needed except bananas, which I though were too expensive, and chinese cabbage, which the shop I go to had run out of. I put all of the fruit and veg in the car and went back to the markets to see if the other F&V shops had these items. Bananas were even more expensive than the first shop but both shops had chinese cabbages - one less than half the price of the other. So, I stood in line holding two wet chinese cabbages for about 15 mins and this is not a highly regarded experience.

The boy and I made the muffins. There were little ones and there were big ones. When my missus found out that I'd made some big ones she went beserk. It's hard being a man and having no idea. Really. You try but it's just not good enough. I was banished to the vacuum cleaner - a job that I can handle.

After lunch, and a little bit of calming down, we went to South Perth for a walk and a drink at the Bellhouse Cafe. The last two times we've been we got caught in the rain so this time we were prepared with our umbrellas. Talk about windy. It was quite difficult to walk. We played "I spy" for the whole walk and then whilst in the cafe.

Miky wanted to go to the supermarket nearby to buy some more muffin mix to cover-up my stuff up. To our suprise we discovered bananas to be cheap and a few other items that we needed to be on special. Isn't it always the way that you go for one item and then walk out with three bags of groceries?

On the way back to the car we stopped at the playground for the boy but it started to rain so we had to cut that short. By the time we arrived home the clouds were rolling in again and I raced around like a blue-arsed fly putting dynamic lifter on the back lawn as it was the ideal time to do so.

As we had had a late lunch Miky prepared a small tea and I went to work making more muffins. Once they were safely in the oven I started on the boy's birthday cake - a continental cheesecake. From a packet of course. Looks nice though.

Gee, I'm surprised that the boy isn't up yet to open his presents. He was all excited when going to bed and thought that he'd be up before me. My boy is growing up.


tmz_99 said...

whats wrong with large muffins? I guess just cook them for longer??

Susan Ham said...

Muffins are supposed to be big! Not titchy little things that disappear in two bites.

Hammy said...

Large muffins take more mixture, especially when there are 28 kids in the class. There are Yr 1s and 2s in the class so I thought that the little kids could have the little muffins and the big kids have the big muffins. Besides, little muffins severely added to the baking time as I only had one tray capable of holding the patty pans.

She's over it now. It's so funny to look back on.