Monday, April 16, 2007

Sunday Special - Go Out, Get Wet, Eat

Bit of a strange start to the day. I checked out the Internet for places in Hawaii to visit and then Yu-Jin started playing one of his computer games. Promptly at 8:07 the power was turned off. Western Power had to replace some power poles that were in our section of the grid and power wasn't due to be turned back on until 3pm. That changed our plans rapidly and meant no washing could be done and we were quite limited in how much we could clean the house. And it didn't go down too well with Miky as she had planned to work all day and it's a bit difficult to use an electric sewing machine without electron flow. No, I'm not tight enough to have a pedal-powered sewing machine. Miky and Yu-Jin also borrowed five DVDs the night before so it meant that they wouldn't be getting any use either.

In what is turning out to be a regular activity we went out, got wet and ate. Went to Subiaco to do the fruit and veg shopping. The weather forecast was, "fine and cloudy". Notice there was no mention of rain? Pottered about, did some window shopping, made a booking for a restaurant and at almost exactly 12 o'clock it started to rain.

Had lunch at our pretty much favourite restaurant, Senoji, and got a bit wet on the walk from the car. It wasn't supposed to be raining hence I didn't take an umbrella.
For a fine and cloudy day it rained continuously until 5pm. Then the rain was sporadic until well into the night. According to the Bureau of Meterology we have had 40.4mm of rain. Not bad for a "fine and cloudy" day.

I hope his doesn't become habitual.

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