Monday, April 23, 2007

Where Do You See Yourself In 10 Years Time?

I was asked this question a while ago. It is a common enough question to be asked in an interview. When my apprenticeship was about to finish there were four of us apprentices looking for a job. So we all went for an interview. It had become company policy to put off apprentices once they had finished their time.

Gee, that was way back in '93. Being young and naive, now I'm not so young, I answered, "I want to be as good an electrician as ...." (Buggered if I can remember his name. Really, it's on the tip of my tongue). I had seen myself stuck in the same job for a further 10 years. Young and naive, I said.

Help me out here James. It wasn't Wacka, or Fletty, or Dal, or Foxy or the Wog. Brain fade.

Ten years on and where did I find myself? I had travelled the world for a year, worked for several companies in different capacities as an electrician, got married, had a kid and was just finishing my third and final year of university. Wow, I didn't see that coming. And boy am I glad that I didn't get stuck in that job.

What about you? Have you been asked the question and what were you doing 10 years later?


James said...

Not sure who you are actually talking about. As I was reading I thought you were talking about me, but oh well. The only others that come to mind would be Ash, Maca, Smirker, Skin, Whip, Gilesy(nah! don't reckon it would be him) or Fletty.
It's unlike you to forget anything Hammy, you showing your age or is it just an early onset of Alzheimers??

Hammy said...

It was Ash. Thanks James. Knew I could count on you. How on earth did you think it was yourself? You're so funny.