Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Who's Idea For A Walk Was It?

Miky thought that Sunday morning would be ideal for an early morning walk. So, we got in the car and went to South Perth to walk along the foreshore. The weather report on the radio forecast some showers in the morning but the newsreader added his own bit along the lines of, "I think that the rain has finished."

It was dry for the first six or seven minutes. Then it started raining. We sheltered under a tree. Then it got heavier. And heavier. And it set in. We decided to make a dash to the Bellhouse Cafe for a hot drink and were soaked by the time we arrived. Not wanting to have a takeaway drink we asked for a table and were lucky to obtain one as we didn't have a booking. A breakfast menu was presented and my, the pancakes looked attractive. We also ordered toast with our hot drinks.

Can't say I enjoy paying $8 per pancake or $2 per piece of toast. Our "hot drinks" cost over $32 in the finish. And, of course, it stopped raining just before the food arrived.

There were a few spots of rain on the walk back to the car also. Who's idea was it for a morning walk?


Susan Ham said...

It's another case of, does the weather forecaster know what the weather is really going to do?
You were a Boy Scout, you certainly were not prepared! Moral of the story, be prepared.

Hammy said...

Actually I was only ever a cub.