Monday, March 12, 2007

It's Safer To Work On Weekends

This last weekend was about the first one I haven't worked since the start of the year. When I look back on that that's impressive. But it doesn't come without its pitfalls.

First of all, I had to drop Miky's car off at the garage to get four new tyres and to change the brakes on the front. Then it was off to Junior Music School for Yu-Jin. I haven't been before so that was worth a look. Then off to IKEA to spend copious amounts of money that I wouldn't be earning that day. Never fails. I love shopping at IKEA apart from the money we spend. Before heading home we did the fruit and vegie shopping.

Pick up the car just before two o'clock and pay the sky-high bill, but it was what I was expecting. Straight off to taekwondo class. Later that night Yu-Jin and I played computer games for three hours together.

Sunday morning - we boys went for a nice bike ride and to pick up the paper. Seeing as I was home Miky got me to remove two screen doors that aren't required anymore and a screen over the kitchen window. It certainly lets a bit more light into the place and tidies it up somewhat. Greens collection starts today so I dragged some cuttings out the front. Off to Bunnings to get some slabs of concrete for the front and a couple of boards to make a folding table for Miky to do her fashion gear on. Upon returning the trailer I discovered that they had shut the gate so it took a while to get inside and drop the trailer off. After that the boy and I went to the park and visited a little boy's house to see if he wanted to play, only to find out that it was his grandparent's place and he wasn't there at the time. So we played in the park before heading home for tea.

I need to return to work for a rest.

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