Monday, March 19, 2007

Wedding Vows Renewal Ceremony

A couple of months ago we received an invitation to attend a wedding vows renewal ceremony. It was for a friend and former work colleague, Gary, and his wife Angela. They were celebrating their 23rd anniversary and wanted to do something a bit different.

Gary likes to have his Fridays off work. It just so happened that this anniversary fell on a Friday and the ceremony was being held at Palm Beach in Rockingham at three o'clock. So that I didn't have to work Saturday and Sunday to make up for lost pay I started work at six o'clock and even took my car to work and paid for parking to squeeze an extra half an hour into the day rather than spending that time for the bus.

Miky picked Yu-Jin up from school early and was already home when I arrived. Now, I mentioned that we knew two months ago about this ceremony. Miky designed and made her own dress. There was a question along the lines of, "What is the latest time we can leave?" I said 2:15. Well, the dress was only finished about 20-25 minutes before we left and we made it with only five minutes to spare.

Miky's dress.

There was about 25 people in attendance and the bride wore white. The ceremony was quite quick with the vows only taking two minutes. I videoed it on Miky's camera and the resulting video would take up half the space on a CD.

Smiling couple.

Is that a phone in Gary's pocket or is he really glad to be here? (Bloody photo editing software re-angle)

Wedding party.

Phew, it's over.

Happy couple and portaloo.

Wedding party revisited.

Infamous portaloo that made it into all of the wedding photos.

Better pic of bride and groom.

Immediately afterwards we all headed to Gary and Angela's house for a party. Yu-Jin brought his bathers and all the other kids in attendance had the same idea. He spent two hours in the pool and then ran around with a water pistol before we made him sit down and eat some tea.


Gosh the food was nice. Angela made a korma and another curry along with chili con carne. I had both the curries and three days later the roof of my mouth is still burnt. The baked potatoes and coleslaw were delicious. It was a little unfortunate that we didn't know any of Gary's friends but we still had a great time and found people to talk to.

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