Sunday, March 04, 2007

Clean Up Australia Day 2007

I guess the first Sunday of March they have Clean Up Australia Day every year, in Australia funnily enough. This is about the only time of the year that I bother to clean up what other people have left behind. Unless it's money then I'll pick up after them any time.

Last year the boy and I went to South Perth. This year it was to Mason's Landing. It was situated about 20 mins bike ride from our house and we arrived nearly an hour after it started. Bit of a late night I'm afraid. Nice day for it, around 30 degrees and down by the river. We grabbed a bag and set off. I expected most of the area to be clean seeing as we were a bit late. They said that some morning tea would be put on at 10:30. Last year we received a cup of tea and a fruit box.

There was quite a bit of rubbish lying around. In the car park I found two condoms but none anywhere else. Few beers bottles, lots of bottle tops and fast food wrappers everywhere. McDonalds seems to be about four times more popular than any other fast food joint, at least judging by the rubbish that gets thrown away. We collected at least halve a dozen chocolate bar wrappers and plenty of Coca-Cola labels and bottles. Pepsi only made the grade once. We found another shopping bag during our travels and it came in handy.

Probably the strangest thing was a big screwdriver that Yu-Jin found half buried. Headed back to base just before eleven hoping to get a refreshing drink. Well, they had water, juice, muffins, sandwiches, watermelon, pineapple, honeydew, rockmelon and strawberries. Talk about getting looked after. There were also some calico shopping bags with a toy, frisbee, $10 shopping voucher, zoo entry ticket for a child and a 2007 calendar. I was only going to take one but they offered us two as there were two of us that took part. What an unexpected bonus.

A great way to spend a few hours with the boy, enjoy a nice snack, get some exercise and help keep our great country clean.

The boy and our two bags of rubbish.

The rubbish collected by 20 volunteers.

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