Sunday, October 01, 2006

Friday Was My Last Day

As of Friday afternoon I'm unemployed. Not really, I guess, as I start a new job on Monday week. We'll be heading to Melbourne tomorrow for a holiday so he blog will be offline for a week.

About half an hour before knock-off time everybody in the office gathers at reception, there are drinks and munchies, and a few nice words are spoken about the person who is departing. I received a large card that everyone who was available had signed and it made me feel like a million dollars to see what was written in it. I was also presented with a huge atlas. Not a bad departure gift at all.

The funniest thing was a comment made by my replacement. He has been with the company for two weeks and I've been training him intensely for my role. He said, "I'm sorry to see you go." The three of us who heard the comment immediately thought, and said as much, "You wouldn't have a job if he wasn't leaving so you shouldn't feel sorry."

I guess it hasn't really sunk in yet that I've finished up after nearly three years. When I look back at what I've learnt it's a bit scary to see how much I've crammed into my head. And there is so much more that I could have learnt as well.

Perhaps the nicest comment came from the general manager who said, "It is great to see how much you have grown since you started but you've outgrown the company."

If I'd had a few more comments like that whilst I worked they maybe I would have stayed. Ha ha.

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