Saturday, September 30, 2006

25 Ways I Save Money

Dawn over at Frugal For Life, formerly here, had a post relating to "25 Ways I Save Money". Now, there's something I can relate to. I've decided to put a quick list together.

- I have a rule whereby all cheques received go into my home loan account to pay it off more effectively.
- I pick up money on the street.
- I pay bills online to avoid cheque fees, postage and time/petrol.
- I compare prices on items before I buy.
- I use the FuelWatch Website and fuel discount vouchers.
- I use shopper dockets if they offer something that saves me money.
- I buy non-perishable goods in bulk.
- I walk instead of drive if possible. Riding the bike is also an option.
- I make good use of free calls on my pre-paid mobile.
- I buy Christmas cards in bulk and post after November the 1st when postage is cheaper domestically and significantly so internationally.
- I pay my insurance and registration premiums anually to avoid a greater overall charge over the year.
- If I have to I make long distance phone calls off peak.
- I like to buy quality goods that will last a long time and therefore have a lower TCO.
- I used to work as much overtime as possible so that the shops weren't open when I wasn't working and so that I couldn't spend any money. This was a very successful tactic.
- Leftovers are eaten and not thrown away.
- Lunch is taken to work.
- The lights are turned off when no-one is in the room. I don't live in a lighthouse.
- When it's cold I put on more clothes and only use heating when absolutely necessary. Doors to rooms that don't require heating are closed.
- My son plays free online games - - instead of buying expensive computer games. If he gets bored there are hundreds of other games to try.
- Make use of the library instead of buying new books or magazines.
- Buy childrens books secondhand. They are in great condition and unbeatable for value.
- Plan my shopping so that it doesn't coincide with meal times. If you're hungry you'll probably buy unhealthy, processed food for groceries and have some junk food to tide you over.
- I drive conservatively and utilise cruise control. No hooning.
- Clothes are dried on the clothes line and not in a dryer - I don't own one.
- My credit card is automatically paid on the due date so that I never pay interest. If the bank applies a charge incorrectly I fight them and have a very good record against them.
- I only buy things on credit card if I would be prepared to pay cash for them otherwise. If there is a credit card surchage I pay cash. I make sure that I collect my frequent flyer points and put them to good use.
- I use a free Web publisher - Blogger.


Hammy said...

Persistent buggers, these spammers.

HandlebarMustache said...

May I ask "what is hooning"?

Hammy said...

Hooning is driving around like an idiot - racing, chucking doughies (doughnuts), basically just being a lout on the road.

Jens Dalsgaard said...
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Anonymous said...

I like your list.

Hmm - there is a lot about cars on lists like this one. I have taken the full step in that department by not owning a car. That saves me a lot of money.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you could correct the link back to as that would be very helpful. Thanks!


Hammy said...

Hi Dawn,

I've updated the link but kept the post link itself for posterity.

designed2design said...

Another great way to save money is to join a loyalty membership. At you get $25 Visa gift cards each month just for shopping at the same grocery store or gas station.

Money Magnet Mummy said...

Hi, my favourite way of regularly saving money is using the 'dirty' brushed potatoes rather than the washed potatoes. It saves about $2 per kilo. I often julianne spuds and bake them for homemade chips, much cheaper than a packet of oven fries. Costs about $1.25/kg, rather than $3.50/kg.

Ben said...

Good list and interesting comments. How about good old traditional coupons? Of course clipping coupons for brick and mortar grocery and drug stores is an obvious options but there are also a ton of online coupons that can save you substantial money. Places like and godaddy offer coupon codes, and you can get good savings and free shipping on everything from shoes and aparrel to contact lenses and fruit baskets!

Hammy said...

@ Ben - Actually I don't think coupons online were the rage back in 2006. I understand now they are quite a large industry and shouldn't be overlooked. There are sites that aggregate special offers if enough people sign up and there is huge money to be saved by taking advantage of them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips...Some of them Im actually doing myself....I now got rid of the credit card problems...

Hammy said...

Glad to hear that you are rid of your credit card problems. Hopefully any bad credit history you may have gathered is also gone. Some of the tips are a little light-hearted but I'm glad you found them useful.