Monday, September 11, 2006

Quiet Weekend

Not too much happened this weekend. Yu-Jin did his usual on Saturday and I stayed home and cleaned the house, read my blogs and went for a walk with Miky. Had meat pies for lunch and went to watch Yu-Jin's taekwondo together. Listened to the second half of the Dockers' finals match on the radio. After coming back home I weeded the garden a bit and played footy with the boy. The canna was pruned, for want of a better word, as Miky and I removed all of the older, yellow canna stalks to leave all of the young stems. We watched Dr Who together that night.

On Sunday we went to Bunnings to get some mouse traps, as there are one or two more of the little blighters running about the place, soil wetta to improve the moisture retention of our garden soil, and some lawn food to improve the back lawn. It made me stink a little bit afterwards.

Sunday arvo we had a BBQ at Dr Glenn's place. We call him Dr Glenn as he wanders around at work and says hello to everyone and appears to have a great bedside manner. He and his missus have done up an old house and they've done a brilliant job. You should see the pictures of what he's done. Anyway, most people from work turned up and chatted out the back while Dr Glenn watched his beloved Western Bulldogs demolish those ugly Collingwood bastards. There were a few other kids there and some trees to climb, along with a swing, so Yu-Jin was in his element and had a great time. After lunch I went to the front yard and played footy with the kids. Yu-Jin got his clothes covered in grass stains from the recently cut grass.

Had a bath after coming home and then played Uno with the boy. His grandma has sent the card game after I mentioned that it would be great to get hold of and we've spent many nights over the last week playing it. I enjoyed it greatly when I was a lad so I knew that Yu-Jin would like it also. Had to have a sleep after that and the boy finished watching his "The Little Vampire" movie that we taped from the night before. I've had a cold for the last week and it has knocked me about a bit. After tea we had another game of Uno and I finally got beaten. Man, the boy understands strategy and combinations well already in Uno. He forgets to say "Uno" when he has only one card left though.

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