Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Let's Do Luncheon - 'Bout Bloody Time

John, my boss, and Manfred decided that we must do luncheon with a large client of ours whom we had supplied equipment for two sizable projects recently. Tops idea that. The restaurant of choice was The Boatshed Restaurant in South Perth. I was in charge of making the bookings and inviting the guests.

It's not been often that I've had the chance to indulge at the expense of others. My managing director instructed me "not to go stupid" and John said that I couldn't have the lobster, in reference to the time Rockwell paid and I made sure they paid. Pity that the lobster wasn't on the menu. I chose Atlantic Salmon, cooked rare and with a poached egg. Now, I'm not a fan of food that's done rare. If I have a sheep or some cow I don't want the rest of it still running around the paddock. But fish, on the other hand, well, if it's not cooked properly then it's sashimi. I can handle that.

The chef did a bloody nice job of the food. Presentation was wonderful and my salmon tasted lovely. No bones to speak of and I rather enjoyed it. The hazelnut mudcake for dessert was de-lic-ious. I forgot to drink my cup of tea until John prodded me, as it was time to go, so I drank as quickly as I could.

Nice to be out of the office for three hours and enjoying a fine meal at the expense of the company. Considering the size of the projects and how much work went into securing and delivering them it was a small price to pay.

I can imagine that the restaurant could be a little noisy when full and the muzak was slightly annoying, but not overly, I can thoroughly recommend The Boatshed Restaurant. It's BYO though. That's fine for us teetotallers.

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