Friday, June 25, 2004

Welcome To My 100th Blog

Hasn't that come around quickly? And with so little substance included. I would like to make this a special posting. At least a little bit.

You Are Judged By The Company You Keep

There was an accident last night involving two cars in Perth, not far from our house I believe. An eighteen year-old woman was killed. She was a mother, so it was reported. Started a bit early didn't she? Sitting in the back seat she was. Didn't wear a seatbelt. Starting to sound like a bit of a loser, or at least a person who made some poor choices in life?

Both cars were being driven my unlicensed drivers. The car that she was travelling in was driven my her boyfriend. In fact, one of the drivers had never held a driver's license. It turns out that one of the cars had false number plates.

What the hell was going on here? I think this woman made a lot of wrong choices in life and she was only 18.

Darius Vassell

Who, I hear you ask. Well, he's one of the guys that missed penalties for England in their defeat by Portugal overnight in Euro 2004. I bet that old Darius is grateful that one David Beckham missed the other penalty. People can concentrate on Beckham instead and he can fade back into obscurity.

Beckham had two misses from the spot during the tournament. And we thought that his affairs were behind him. (Two missus - misses) - oh, nevermind.

Free Superannuation Money

Get into this one before it is too late. If you earn less than $31000 this financial year, which ends in five days time, the good old Aussie government will kick in dollar-for-dollar contributions up to $1000 to match your personal contributions. Free money people. Okay, you can't touch it until you retire when you are about 78 years old but it is still free. What a great incentive for people who don't have any money. That's right, get it tied up in superannuation when you don't have enough to live on already.

Sour Grapes

I wonder if this terminology came about following one of Italy's earlier defeats in a soccer tournament. They haven't made any friends by trying to make the Danes and Swedes guilty about having a 2-2 draw which saw both of the teams qualify for the semi-finals ahead of Italy. If those stupid Italians had beaten either of those two teams they would have progressed to the next round. They only have themselves to blame and obviously can't face up to that. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

My Job Is Great

I struggle to stop for a lunch break on most days as I am so busy. It's great. Friday comes around so quickly it is unbelievable. I would hate to be in a job where I was looking forward to Friday's arrival and counting down the days. Before I know it it is the weekend and believe me, that's not a bad way to work.

Football-Free Weekend

I know that it's a depressing thought and even more difficult to actually live through. I'm not really in favour of the weekend of byes in the AFL. What are we supposed to do on our weekend off. When you have a weekend off there is no better way to spend it than watching the footy.

Hotmail Account Size

I guess you've heard that Hotmail is going to provide a 250MB limit starting from July. I have a 1 GB account with Google and Yahoo! already raised my limit to 100MB. Time for you folks to start rolling the good stuff in. Feel free to send me heaps of videos etc.

The Family Is Heading Home

Next Tuesday my in-laws are heading back home. They have been staying with us for two and a half months. They haven't socialised with me too much in the time that they were here and they haven't really gone out and had a good look around either. I don't know what they do to pass the time.

Without them Yu-Jin wouldn't have been able to go to kindergarten and I am really grateful for that. Yu-Jin is starting to make friends at kindy. The only friend that he mentions is Jack. I don't know Jack. I don't know anyone as I have yet to attend kindy. I'm sure that I will miss his grandma and aunty after they have gone. I'm glad that they got to have some input into his upbringing. Yu-Jin has so little opportunity to mix with his family.

I need to think of a good present to buy them. Any ideas?

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