Sunday, June 27, 2004

Australian Aboriginals Need A New Name

Let's put our heads together people. Aborigine means "native" therefore a lot of people in the world are actually Aboriginals. Just to name a few - Inuit (eskimoes), American Red Indians, Maoris. Quite rightly they could also be called Aborigines.

Take the Australian Aborigine. Without being derogatory there are no other names that they are known by. Isn't it high time that we came up with another term for them? Aborigine is too generic. Then they could forge a new identity.

It's worth a thought.

Celebrity Spotting

Remember a few weeks back I mentioned that a former teacher of mine had won the Premier's Maths Teacher of the First Semester award? Well, I bumped into her and her husband down at Fremantle last night where we had dined (scoffed ourselves more like it) on fish and chips. It was great to catch up and personally congratulate her upon the award.

And she was still so down to earth even after being made (more) famous after appearing in these hallowed pages. Ahem, ahem.

Modesty is not something I could be accused of being frugal with.

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