Thursday, June 24, 2004

Latest Hostage Decapitation

When I heard the news that a South Korean civilian was captured in Iraq and was to be beheaded, it was a little surprising. His name was Kim Sun-il but I immediately thought of him as Him Soon-Dead. There was no way that they were going to release him. I can't believe that anyone thought they would.

Apparently there are a lot of South Koreans that want to join the military now and go to Iraq so that they can take revenge upon the perpetrators! That's quite surprising and obviously not what the Iraqis were expecting. They still believe in an eye for an eye in Asia.

I get the feeling now that there will be bugger all civilians left in Iraq soon. They'll all be buying their one-way tickets out of there. I do believe that the killers chose their victim well. Kim was a foreigner with degrees in English, Theology, and Arabic. There was some mention of him practising evangilism, as he wanted to be a minister upon his return to Korea, and I'm sure that riled the Iraqis.

I certainly don't condone the killing but it is much easier than fighting a full-frontal war. Guerilla warfare is now the norm.

Don't think that George W. Bush is going to pull the Yanks out. His father thought that he had won the war but he didn't manage to depose old Saddam. Saddam has been desposed but the Yanks still haven't won the war. If Bush is voted out of office in the coming Presidential elections, as I believe he will be, then the troops may come home but it will be another Vietnam.

But that's another story.

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