Tuesday, June 15, 2004

A New Product

How about a new makeup range called "Eat Me"? It could be made with the purpose of making ugly people a little more palatable.

The Paperless Society?

We are supposed to be moving to a paperless society. I went to my local health insurance outlet (HBF) to get a refund for a chiropractor bill. They don't deal with cash on the premises as they only have a small booth inside a chemist's office. In this case they printed a cheque for me and have a standing agreement with BankWest which is nearby to cash the cheque on the spot. Normally you would have to wait three days for a cheque to clear.

So, to recap. Go to the office, receive a cheque, walk to the bank, get the bank teller to exchange the cheque for cash, return to whatever activity in your life that you were conducting.

Electronic banking was supposed to lead to less effort on our behalf, nicht wahr?

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