Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Frugal Bastard Tip - Save On Postage

Without being so frugal as to do away with postage altogether, here is a little something that I tried.

Whilst overseas I wrote lots of postcards, at least 180 (I did keep track of it, including about 34 to my mother), and thought that I didn't have to pay the high prices of international postage. In France for example, it didn't make a lick of difference if you were posting a letter or a postecarte. Zounds!

Being the frugal bastard I am, I sent a stack of postcards to my mum and asked her to post them on for me to friends in Australia for only 45 cents each, instead of the three dollars each they would have cost me. Clever, eh? Frugal? Definitely.

Being the utter bastard that I am, I even mentioned to one of my friends that I had returned home early from my trip because I was homesick and missed my friends and would he mind giving me a call. This was about eight weeks into my year-long sojourn and was a very bastardly act. Grooks, sorry mate, fell for it and gave me a call. At least I knew that I could count Grooks as being one of my mates. Up until he made the phone call that is and found that I was still overseas.

Bastard. Frugal Bastard. It is possible to combine both aspects.

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