Tuesday, June 22, 2004

There Are No Refugees

What's this crap that I noticed on Nick Souter's Blog? He's going on about the refugees having been freed as some sort of trick to play on Merlin from Big Brother.

Well, they have. There are no refugees in Australia. There are people in detention centres but they have been refused refugee status. The only reason they are still here is that they continue to appeal their deportation.

I'm all for taking refugees. I even have some friends who were refugees from the former Yugoslavia and they are hard-working people who have made a success of themselves. Exactly the type of people we need in this country.

So, if Merlin was to be tricked by Nick, he wouldn't have been tricked at all. Not that I saw the episode of Big Brother in question but I guess they would have loved the controversy and publicity that Merlin's stunt gained them. So Gretel looked a bit stupid? Just who is she anyway to think that she is so good?

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