Friday, June 04, 2004

Phone Call

You get some funny phone calls at times. Yesterday at work was one of those ocassions.

Ring, ring.
"Good afternoon, ACS, Mark speaking."
"Who are you chasing?"
"Nobody. Just ringing up."
"Having fun on the phone are you?"
"No worries then. See you later."

He must have been about four years old. It gave me a good laugh anyway.

Tonight I had another call, at home this time. I thought that it was going to be my mother or a good friend of mine.

"City Morgue."
"Can I speak to Mr or Mrs Hee?"
"No, they're not here."
"Oh, I'll call back later."
"Don't bother mate. They don't live here."
"No worries. Goodnight."

He didn't even listen to what I said to start with. Nevermind.

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