Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Frugal Bastard Comes To The Fore

It was out to the airport following tea last night. The bags had been packed and the weight checked at home and found to be one kilogram over the limit. I bought some books about Australia to give to my in-laws but they weren't able to take them as they were too heavy.

As soon as we arrived at the airport the ladies reweighed the bags and found that they were 3.6 kilograms over the limit. Miky had brought another box, scissors and some tape. After some repacking of clothes the limit was achieved.

Then Miky went upstairs with Yu-Jin, who has some asthma and another ear infection so isn't very well, and got her mum to follow. I don't know what she was thinking. Her mum had to show her face at the checking-in desk to match that on the passport as she was taking the flight.

That's when I had a thought. We were there early and we should put all of the baggage on the scales at the checking-in counter. If they said, "That's too heavy," then I could take the extra box away. Fourty four kilos and no problem. Excellent. That saved about $45 in postal charges.

Upstairs we had some drinks, Miky and her sister had a look at the duty free shops, and then Yu-Jin and I went to the observation deck. There was a humungous Antonov and an Emirates Airbus parked at the terminal.

Time to say goodbye. No tears, surprisingly. On the way out I was saying to Miky that she took that a bit better than I expected. Then a voice rang out in the distance, "Mi-Kyoung ah!" It was my sister-in-law. The man at the departure point wouldn't allow them to take their bags onboard the plane. I know that you are only allowed one piece of hand luggage each. They had a heavy duty bag, a backpack, a handbag, a suit bag and a duty free bag. I thought that I could book the suit bag into the hold but in the end decided to see the guy. He said that they didn't have any immigration paperwork, too many bags and the heavy duty bag was two kilos too heavy. I thought that you could have one piece of luggage and a suit bag but it was one or the other. Then he said, "She's old so I'll let them take the heavy bag."
"Thanks mate."
Filled in the cards and said goodbye again. Actually, told them not to come back soon. Meaning not to give us any trouble. They got past the man this time.

Still cost me $5.80 for parking. At least the sister-in-law bought tea.

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