Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Death of a Video Tape

Miky taped a Korean movie a couple of nights ago. When she went to watch it last night she found that the tape was buggered and unwatchable. This gave me the chance to pull it apart. Yu-Jin helped me to unravel the tape and he was having a great time for about 20 minutes. There must have been 240 metres of tape.

After our shower he was pretending that the tape was hair, like Guy Sebastian and then he proceeded to cut it into 20 cm strips so that he could load it into his tip truck. I decided that he wasn't going to be able to complete that in one sitting.

Miky wondered why he was so quiet and came to investigate. She felt that something was wrong because he is only quiet when he is up to no good. I may have just found a way of keeping him busy. It certainly captured his interest.

The Tea Eating Saga

I said that I would keep you up to date on this issue. I put the clock in front of Yu-Jin last night as he sat down for tea and gave him 20 minutes to eat. He finished his meal, with few complaints, seconds before his time was up. Yu-Jin even ate the onions without making any fuss and he definitely hates onions. He must be too preoccupied with beating the clock. We'll see how long this works for. But it certainly makes the evening much better.

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