Monday, June 14, 2004

I Just Want To Sit Down And Eat Something

Organised a table for five at Queens Tavern in Highgate, near Mt Lawley where we used to live. The food there is very nice although a touch expensive. Miky got me to change the booking from 6pm to 2pm and because the weather was a bit murky we decided to have it inside.

Our table was in the middle of the room where everybody had to walk past and the music inside was far too loud. Miky asked for a table outside. The waitress found one for us. So we sat outside, until it started raining. The waitress said that there were table upstairs in the bar. Having Koreans in my family they are not tall people. The table came up to around my chest and you needed a ladder to get onto the chair. This most certainly wouldn't do.

So we went outside and I trundled off to a restaurant down the road, in the pouring rain, and found that it was closed. By the time that I got back they had found a table outside that was large enough to accommodate us. It wasn't too cold, the music wasn't too loud and the food was nice. Although, a touch expensive.

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