Saturday, April 24, 2010

Interesting Number Plates

Came across a few interesting number plates recently. Well, within the last few months anyway. I've been saving them up for a while before being in a position to share them.

THE BOX (of what?)

DBIGFELLA - You know what they say about blokes who brag about it.

BUBBLEGRL - did she marry the Bubble Boy from Seinfeld?

2BAD4U2 - Too bad for you too.


Iris Flavia said...

Cool! :-)
We can´t have anything like it here.
You live in Braunschweig, you have BS-Numbers-Numbers, Hannover: H-Numbers-Numbers, Golslar: GS-Numbers-Numbers, boooring.

Hammy said...

BS numbers. In English that would indicate that you're not very happy with the numbers. Of course they charge extra for personalised plates but they're very popular.

Anonymous said...

Cool I see funny ones like that all the time.