Monday, April 05, 2010

Bushwalking in Lesmurdie Falls Mundy Regional Park

Miky wanted to go bushwalking today. Lesmurdie Falls Mundy Regional Park wasn't too far away so we headed there. Even though we had received some rain recently I wasn't expecting to see actual waterfalls.

Found the place ok and it was a half full car park that awaited us. I guess more people than just us were interested in getting out of the house during Easter. Quite a few families were about.

The falls themselves were not much to see. It's been a very dry summer, only 0.2mm of rainfall, so it was as expected. We did get a 40mm storm two weeks ago but this would have dissapated.

The track was more about rock climbing or mountaineering than bushwalking. Much of the track appears to have been eroded by the substantial storm that we experienced recently. Sturdy footwear is certainly recommended. There were a few numbskulls getting about in thongs.

Lesmurdie Falls Mundy Regional Park sign

Young man and his walking stick

Lesmurdie Falls

People climbing Lesmurdie Falls

White speck, bottom left, is person climbing Lesmurdie Falls

Perth skyline in background

Ants everywhere

Bobtail lizard in Lesmurdie Falls Mundy Regional Park

Pretty useless back legs on bobtail lizard

Not a lot of wildlife was evident. A dragonfly, plenty of ants, a butterfly or two, a moth and we did come across a bobtail lizard. The Boy walked straight past him though. Wouldn't have made any difference if it was a snake.

Bobtail lizard in Lesmurdie Falls Mundy Regional Park

Thankfully it was quite overcast and not hot. I think that humidity coupled with heat would make the class 3 climb more than a little difficult. The view from the top of the escarpment of the city skyline was nice. Factory buildings in some suburbs were just a grey blob.

The track wasn't too well marked which was a shame. As a result we missed a couple of the landmarks. It was an enjoyable little walk that took an hour and a half though.

Much of the path in the park was like this

Seeds have been released from this plant

More seeds released

Waiting for fire to release seeds

Lots of grass trees (yakkas)

Kangaroo poo - faeces, not the cricketer

Hillside in Lesmurdie Falls Mundy Regional Park

Granite was in abundance

A man and a rock

Slippery slope in winter

Not much water around at the moment

Decided to go into the city to look at some buildings in the afternoon. Stopped by at McDonalds in High Wycombe for some lunch. Is every teenage boy afflicted with the need to have multiple piercings in High Wycombe or is it just my imagination? And is a chicken bacon deluxe burger supposed to contain bacon? That was my question to the girl who served me. She asked if I wanted to give them the half eaten burger back to put a slice of bacon in. Preferring to have a new burger I asked her to see what her manager thought. They made a new burger for me.


Anonymous said...

Wow the lizard was neat too. You do exciting things. Bravo!!

Kaptin Scarlet said...

hi ya, I have a card game called Plop Trumps here in the UK. It features animal poo... in a very scientific, if slightly gross way. kids love it. anyway, I have to make another card (on top of the 50 that I have already done and I love your Kangaroo Poo image,... is there any chance you would give me permission to use it for the extra card i have to make? I understand if not. please feel free to email me on