Sunday, April 04, 2010

Trip to Hong Kong, Macau and South Korea - Feb 3rd 2010

This morning is -9.6°C. And it reached at least -9.9°C before we went out. Miky and I went to the local Lotte Mart and bought a few items for around the house. We seem to do this every time we visit Korea. You know, water jug, ear plugs, powerboard with extension lead, etc. Also purchased a fair bit of food for lunch and dinner and enough for breakfast in the morning as the bus trip would only leave us with an hour and a half to check in, go through immigration and go to our gate which is likely to be a train ride away. The groceries included Australian beef to make bulgogi. Strawberries were only W7500/kg but steak was A$80/kg, radishes for W690/kg and 10 individual sushi pieces only W4500.

I stayed at the apartment with the kids and we mucked around with the CCTV on the playground behind the apartment building (it is shown on channel 97), shooting toys with The Boy's Nerf gun (The Maverick) and Mario Cart on Wii. Miky went to purchase the bus tickets. She found that she could save W20,000 for us by purchasing tickets for a bus 10 minutes earlier that had slightly smaller seats. With that money she bought some more shoes for The Boy.

Channel 97 - CCTV on playground

Bit like watching Home Alone

Come dinner time, whilst it was being prepared, I wanted to walk around the neighbourhood to see if there was any more funny English evident. About the best I came up with was "She's Hair Make" - a hairdresser's salon. Domino's Pizzas were selling large pizzas for between W31,000 to W35,000 - that's A$31 - A$35. I'll bet they don't sell too many pizzas at that price. Arrived home at 7:15 for a bit of a reprimand. Surely the girls could have prepared dinner and eaten without me?

Konglish Sign - She's Hair Make

Mr. Wang - funny name in English

Speed Mate

Domino's Pizza

Later that evening Miky, Ju-min and I went shopping for cosmetics and printer cartridges. We tried Home Plus (Tesco), Emart and Lotte Mart. None of them sold the larger version of the cartridge and nobody stocked black and colour. Most of the big shops are open until 10pm or even 12am. We arrived home at 11pm. Ju-min rang the taxi company to book a taxi. They said to call 10 minutes before pickup was required the next morning. Went to bed at 12.

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