Saturday, April 03, 2010

Exhausted Exhaust Fan

We're not going anywhere this Easter. Besides, there are a few jobs around the house that need to be done. And one of those jobs was replacing the fan in the bathroom. It was beginning to behave a bit like the blinker on a blonde's car. You know, is it working? Yes, no, yes, no, yes... Sometimes it would just hum and other times it would start with no problems. Bought another one down at Bunnings for less than 22 bucks.

Bathroom exhaust fan exhausted

No wonder the bathroom exhaust fan didn't work very well.

I went to the trouble of donning my overalls, grabbing the step ladder from the shed and gathering a number of tools for the job along with removing the fuse for the lighting circuit in the house. Turned out that the fan had been wired properly, into a special socket outlet, and it was only a matter of undoing three screws and unplugging the old fan before plugging the new one in and doing up the screws on it. Didn't need the ladder, overalls and most of the tools. Just a couple of screwdrivers and a chair were enough to do the job. Works a bit better now though.

New bathroom exhaust fan.


Anonymous said...

Great job Hammy!! Bravo now can you fix mine? Happy Easter from America!!!

Hammy said...

I don't think that you could afford travel and accommodation expenses. And the easter eggs might have gone off by the time I arrive.

James said...

Haven't you upgraded your old fuses to circuit breakers yet, you slacko.

Hammy said...

I did look at that James but couldn't get hold of any miniature CBs that fit in the old fuse holders. Couldn't be bothered doing too much more.

Staci Severns said...

Ooh, that exhausted exhaust fan really needs a rest. Gee, looking at the dust it has accumulated is tiring! It’s a good thing that you replaced it with a new one. Now, it’s safer to use and it works efficiently.