Friday, October 20, 2006

Trip To Victoria - Day Six

I went for an early morning walk along the cliff line. There were masses of huge ocean waves crashing in. I even spotted a guy on a jetski in the ocean surf. Crazy. Port Campbell is a picturesque little town.

The cliffs surrounding the foreshore at Port Campbell.

Drove back the way we came and the Impreza really handled the windy roads well. First stop was the Otway Fly which was magnificant. The highest vantage point for this forest filled with Mountain Ash and Myrtle Beech trees was 47m and it worried Miky quite a bit. She didn't want to know how high it was until after she had come down.

This is what is known as the Otway Fly Boomerang Tree. It started growing the wrong way and then grew back on itself.

Young fella taking control of the map and telling us where to go.

They way you measure the width in centimetres, at chest height, to get the rough age of the tree in years. This one is a couple of hundred years old.

Here's the Otway Fly walkway.

Lots of tall timber. This area has been seeded and felled several times over the last 150 years.

View from the tower.

View from atop the 47m tower. Some of the trees are still a good 10m taller.

Treetop view.

The tower itself. Shakes a bit with the wind and people walking up and down.

Epiphyic ferns - epiphytes grow on other plants but don't feed on them. They are quite common in the Otway Fly.

Drove to Colac to have lunch and Miky spotted an antique shop. Purchased two different cup and saucer sets. KFC and fried rice for lunch. Nothing special. Took the Princes Highway right into Melbourne where we hired the car from, so that I could get my bearings, and we visited the Korean market area adjacent to the Queen Victoria Markets. Got the car back to Budget in one piece. Driving in Melbourne was not part of the plan but seeing as we had walked there I had a good idea of where I was.

Considering that I hammered the car along the highway and up the hills when I had the chance I was surprised that it returned about 38.75 mpg, or 7.3L/100km, for the whole trip. It didn't like the hills though and the cruise control was a bit fiddly. Nice car otherwise.

Caught a taxi from Budget to the Skybus depot, tok the bus to the airport and waited for our flight. We were able to get Yu-Jin two seats by himself so that he could sleep after having his meal. It was so much nicer to be on Qantas with food and icecream being served. So much nicer than Virgin Blue. Although, we were seated at the wrong end of the plane for getting served rapidly.

At Perth we shared a taxi with a lady from Brisbane who only had to go a couple of streets from the airport. Good to be home.


Hammysmum said...

What happened to day five? Did I miss it?

tmz_99 said...

yeah.. I agree, I always fly Qantas domestically, or even when it costs a touch more overseas, the extra comfort and better service definately make it a lot better then 'budget' airlines.

What sort of car did you get?

Hammy said...

Got meself a Subaru Impreza.

Day five was so five minutes ago. I'll send you a link.