Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Something In The Air - Good And Bad

Mozzies are bad, ridiculously though, and the sunsets are nice. It's a bit dangerous to be out at that time of the evening at the moment.

Mozzies are bad in the evening - this is in my backyard.

Another photo from the backyard

The sunset was nice though.

I can't believe the number of mosquitoes around at the moment. It's like we're living in a third world country. What the hell is my city council doing about it? I can honestly say that I've never seen so many swarms of mozzies. At least in the morning on the walk to the bus stop they aren't hungry. They just get in your face.

Mosquito swarms in the morning are huge.

At least these fellas aren't bitey early in the morning.


Joe said...

That's actually pretty dammed scary. Do you get to wear one of those hats with the corks hanging on string?

tmz_99 said...

hmm, I saw a show once where mozzies bled a cow dry :|
citronella not working for you?

Hammy said...

Cork hats are for keeping the flies away. And I think there is a law whereby only tourists and self-deprecating Aussies can legally purchase them. Guess I could get myself one. Tourists prefer the unused version with the wine bottles attached, however.

Hammy said...

I wouldn't be wasting my money on citronella on these bugges. Napalm maybe.