Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Pre-Employment Medical Examination

I went for my pre-employment medical examination yesterday. Only two weeks after I started the job and about seven weeks later than it should have been carried out, but, what the hey?

There was a drug and alcohol test. Not being familiar with these products I couldn't tell the difference between LSD, cocaine and weed. Nah, only joshing. You have to pee into a jar and it gets sent away for analysis. It wasn't fair that the nurse who was holding the jar had large breasts and couldn't hold the jar steady either. He he.

Last medical I had the nurse was in the room when I provided a speciman. I'm not too comfortable with that. It didn't happen this time but there was also a bit of stage fright and I had to have a few goes at it with a walk around the block in between. I was busting to go but it's difficult when you have women outside the room discussing how much sex their boyfriend wants and the like. Ladies, I'm trying to concentrate in here.

You spend five minutes with the doctor. My blood pressure was 115/80, dunno if that is good or bad, reflexes were still there, no hernia evident on the cough, and my eyesight was as good as they can test. Not bad for an office jockey.

At the recent training course I attended the guy next to me said that his medical nearly killed him as he had to do sit-ups and other strenuous activities. The most strenuous exercise I had was to look to the sides, lift my legs and touch my toes.

I think I'm up to the challenge.


Joe said...

Can you send those nurses my way when you get a moment? Thanks.

Hammy said...

Seeing as you are in HR do you want me to get them to send their resumes?