Saturday, October 28, 2006

People Don't Seem To Talk Anymore

I've noticed that the Britannia Coffee Lounge & Restaurant is looking to hire a fulltime cook and two juniors/students. Either business is going well or it's going very badly. They have a blackboard parked out the front of the shop with just such a notice.

Next door is ORS Employment Solutions. I rather wonder why they didn't employ the services of an employment agency to find them workers. On the face of it there wasn't a lot of sense about it. Don't these people talk to each other? Or do they just wish to save a quid with some cheap advertising?

But, having a look at the Website they appear to be helping workers who have become injured. Not as cut and dry as I had thought.


tmz_99 said...

I suppose they are trying to avoid the premium that employment companies charge for their employees. Where I'm working an employment company charges around 20% on top of what the person is actually earning, costing the company needing the labour excessively.

Hammy said...

Twenty percent extra in this day and age is a huge hit and not too many businesses could afford that.