Friday, October 13, 2006

My Luck Must Be A-Changing

Yesterday was a bit wet on the way to work. I had that awful feeling that there was a hole in my shoe as I approached the office as I could feel that one of my socks was wet. Shoes are an expensive item and my Hush Puppies cost me $140 about five or six years ago. A princely sum indeed but they were the nicest pair available at the time. I've had the soles replaced for $55 so the return hasn't been too bad. But, they aren't in good shape at the moment with the soles becoming loose again. The stitching isn't holding up.

We had to go shopping last night for milk and bread and Miky suggested dropping in to Myer as they had a shoe sale on. Could it be true? A man is in need of some shoes and a shop is having a shoe sale? Never! But it was true. Myer had Hush Puppies, the same, comfortable brand I owned, on sale for $80. Yes, $80. That's less than a woman pays for a flimsy few pieces of leather that rub like hell and remove half of the heel area. Yes, that did happen last night too. Miky was unable to walk back to where I'd parked the car due to a huge blister from her new shoes. We men are lucky as we get far more material in our far more comfortable shoes for a far more comfortable price.

I bought two pairs of shoes - one black and one tan. That should keep me out of the shoe department for the next ten years. Except if I require another pair of sneakers. I couldn't believe my luck though and it must certainly be a-changing. Things are looking up, baby.


The Cutlers said...

That must have been so sweet for the Ferociously Frugal Hammy.

Hammy said...

It was indeed, Gazzaroonie.