Friday, September 01, 2006

I Quit My Job Yesterday

Not that I've succumbed to the almighty Australian peso, er dollar, but an opportunity that will fasttrack my abilities and make a man of me presented itself. Or it will ruin me but I don't want to think that way. It is for a company that we currently have a few dealings with so I know a bit of background about them and how they operate.

It means longer hours, a greater level of frustration, more pressure and a huge challenge. I will get to deal with my current colleagues still, which is a bonus as we are a closeknit bunch, so it's not all bad. It also means that I'll be joining the public transport brigade. Ooh, does that mean that, being an office job in the city, I need to have a briefcase? Oh, the very thought of it.

Shorter lunch breaks also lead to less blogging. Ah well, there had to be some benefit to it all. Ha ha.


Hammysmum said...

You certainly are full of surprises, aren't you? What couour leather briefcase would you like for Christmas?
When do you start?

Hammy said...

Start on the 9th of October. Black would do nicely.

Hammysmum said...


lori said...

congratz! who would have thought you were heading towards suitdom!

i dont think black is your colour though :P

tmz_99 said...

hmmm, sweet!! just watch out for those lunches. :S I worked in the city for 3 weeks recently and rarely was the lunch bill below $30..... Bring something packed! :)

Hammy said...

You know me Tom. I wouldn't want to spoil my reputation now, would I? A man has a family to feed also. The reputation is more important though.