Wednesday, August 30, 2006

As If Air Travel Isn't Fun Enough

Plans are afoot by Qantas to launch an in-flight mobile service. Apparently the business class clientele of Qantas have told them that this is a good idea.

I can just imagine the advertising spiel to go with it:

Do you find that you just don't meet enough angst-filled, noisy teenagers during your day?
Do older ladies with an accent like they come from Queens having unfeasonably long conversations drive you wild?
Do you wish that all of the mindless drivel that passengers seated next to you and want to share could be broadcast to the nearest 30 or 40 people also?
Do you hate being able to watch the in-flight movie without being constantly interrupted by the incessant noise emanating from mobile phones?
Do you really need everyone within the vicinity to know about your sex life and that of the people close to you that badly?

If the answer is yes then fly Qantas cattle class where you can have more fun than you can poke a stick at.

I'd much rather not have to put up with it. People don't even have the decency to wait until they get into the terminal before using their phones anyway. I think that there will be more air rage and broken mobiles because of this. I can also see competitions to see who can carry on the longest conversation during a flight. Gee, I'd rather give that a miss. Four hours in a plane and not having to put up with people dribbling into their mobiles is not so bad afterall. Currently, that is.


David said...

Qantas for me is STILL the worst airline company I've traveled with, at least for it's Asian services.

And the girls aren't all that either which, lets face it, is the most important factor of any air carrier. :)

Hammy said...


You obviously haven't travelled on United Airlines. They believe in affirmative action for ugly, rude stewardesses.