Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Been Getting Over A Cold

Nearly every other bugger in the office has been sick lately so my body thought, obviously, that it was high time that I had a case of the sniffles. Timing couldn't have been better as it struck on the weekend, just when I'm least likely to lose any time at work. Nowhere near bad enough to require staying in bed, mind you.

I used strepsils for the sore throat, Dimetapp for the runny nose and congestion (I wish the nose would make up its mind) and drinks of tea to keep up the fluids. Yes, I know that tea is a diurectic. I know more about them than Shane Warne does.

The best thing for a cold, that I've found anyway, is to go to the supermarket and purchase a big bag of scorched almonds covered in milk chocolate. It works wonders. At least for me.

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