Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Some People Just Don't Deserve To Be Taking Up Space

I was driving home from taekwondo last night with Miky and Yu-Jin. The road was wet, it was dark and we were almost there. I had just turned into our street and was coming up to a speed bump therefore there was little need to accelerate. Prior to reaching the speed bump I noticed a male youth on a bike, on my side of the road, coming towards me, with no lights or a helmet. As I was only doing about 15km/h I thought bugger him, if he wants to play chicken he can go right ahead. At that speed I shouldn't do too much damage and can always blame him as he is at fault.

At the last moment he veered away. Miky was horrified as this was the moment that she spotted him and all she could think of was "Splat!!". Yeah, well. It didn't come to that. But he was just another idiot taking up space when he didn't deserve to. I would love to have cleaned him up but it wouldn't have been worth the hassle. Plus, I would have been first on the scene and had to do most of the cleaning up of the aftermath myself. Definitely not worth the trouble.


David said...

Dude, that's kind of disturbing don't you think? Was it really worth scaring him?

Kelly said...

I think it was a great idea - imagine if a car was driving along without any lights etc - there are penalities for that. The cyclists whinge about motorists on the road, then get off the road and onto the footpath where you belong! If cyclists want to use roads and have "rights" they should be paying Registration like motor vehicles.

Hammy said...

Dave, it was disturbing that the idiot was on my side of the road at night time and heading in my direction. He had no right to behave that way on the road as he shouldn't have been on the road. I can see little blame being apportioned to me if there had been an accident.

The guy was just asking for trouble.

Thanks for the vote in favour of wiping out drongos on the road Kelly.