Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My Wife Turns Into A Werewolf About This Time Each Month

The full moon does some strange things to people. Miky says that she turns into a monster or a werewolf but I think that it is just to scare Yu-Jin a bit. I think.

There was a strange halo around the moon so I took some snaps of it. Some of the pics came out almost like daylight once I'd found the night shot setting.

The full moon almost looks like a supernova.

Auto shot of the full moon on August 9th 2006.

Halo effect around the full moon on August 9th 2006.

I thought that the halo effect was quite interesting.

More of the halo effect of the full moon on August 9th 2006.

Night vision shot of the full moon.

Special Lunch At Work Today - Mr Bean Rears His Ugly Head

We did lunch at work today. Wandered off to a nearby place where we had our Christmas in July lunch. I had prawn risotto with camembert. Pity that there didn't appear to be the slightest whiff of camembert. Disappointing.

My workmate, Andrew, ordered a cacciatore pizza. Can't think what he asked to be taken out of the toppings but he asked for extra sausage. It reminded me of the time I ordered pizza with double anchovies. At the time on television if there was a pizza they always asked for double anchovies. I just had to try it and was served an inedible pizza. I've never made that mistake again. And the same went for Andrew. He made such a fuss about how bad it was that Adrian, Lyn, Demosa, Rob, Derek and I tried the sausage to see what he was on about. It tasted like old rubber boots, or at least how they would taste like, and was terrible.

Andrew was so embarrassed that he started behaving like Mr Bean who, when he went to the restaurant and was served raw mince, not knowing what the item on the menu really consisted of, ended up hiding it under the napkins, inside the teapot, etc. Much like Andrew who left a piece of pizza so that he could hide the uneaten sausage under it and thankfully Rob didn't finish his salad as that left plenty of space to hide the sausage. Sounds like a game that not for the lunchtime table at work.

This was a disgusting tasting cacciatore pizza.

Hiding Andrew's lunch leftover under Rob's leftover salad.


gleek said...

great photos of the moon! i love when it gets that halo effect or when it's really huge and close the horizon. very pretty.

Hammysmum said...

Has anybody seen Mars next to the moon, yet? Better hurry, as it will disappear before the end of the month, and no-one alive today will ever see it again.