Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Parking - Problems Everywhere

I had a bit of a whinge lately about the parking in Subiaco at our work. Road parking is for a maximum of two hours when it used to be all day. It appears that parking anywhere in Subiaco is a problem. Unless you are a council worker. What an oxymoron that is.

The Tap Doctor can't park properly in Subiaco.

What part of "Strictly No Parking" don't you understand?

On closer inspection it appears that this parking is just for spectacles. No cars accepted.

Obviously a hard day at the office for this council worker. He had to park his arse.

Don't park in a Clearway, idiot!!

On my way home a woman stopped in a Clearway in front of me so that she could post some letters. It didn't matter how much I abused her for blocking me she wasn't going to move. The silly cow even pointed out the parking sign to me!! If she was able to read it she would have understand that it was currently a Clearway.

Interestingly, I parked my car in the city tonight and the parking inspector, pictured above, whistled to me and called out that it was a Clearway zone and that I had to move my vehicle. Well, I was only checking the sign for parking anyway and would have been moving it in the next thirty seconds. There's no way that I want to receive a parking ticket.


Hammysmum said...

Some of us just can't win, and others get away with'murder'!

Hammysmum said...

Where were the red cars parked, outside an optoertrists? And what does the sign spectacles only, mean?

Hammy said...

"Just Spectacles" is the name of a shop that supposedly has only one product line.