Saturday, August 12, 2006

Something I Have Always Wanted To Do

Last night I fulfilled a lifelong dream - to kick the car of an ignorant motorist. Please don't try this at home kiddies.

My volleyball captain, Michiyo, invited our family to a TAFE artists opening session at Central TAFE. It was about Japanese artwork and most of the artists were Japanese. I parked the car nearby and walked a couple of blocks. We had to stop for the traffic lights and when they changed we started crossing the road. Pedestrians have right-of-way from turning drivers when crossing the road. I was quite annoyed to be cut off by a mobile phone-toting woman driver in a red car and even more so when a guy and his mate in a yellow car barged in front of us. He had his window down and I yelled "Hey!" at him and shrugged my shoulders and waved my arms. His response was, "I've got a green light" and on he continued.

That's when I kicked his tatty old car. Probably not the most wise thing to do. He stopped his car on the street and thought of myself getting my head kicked in started to materialise. Maybe he wasn't too pleased and he stopped there for a few seconds. We just continued walking and perhaps that was a wise move. A few bystanders appeared interested in proceedings. Not to be recommended but boy it felt good to have done it to an arrogant prick who deserved it.

The gallery was packed. Miky grabbed a glass of wine and we wandered about for 5-10 mins, I spotted Michiyo but she was too busy to be able to chat, and then we left. Some interesting gear on display. I might add a few details about the gallery later as I don't have access to the artwork at the moment.

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