Monday, August 14, 2006

Must Be Something In The Air Regarding Personalised Number Plates Today

Quite a few personalised licence plates caught my eye today.

1LOUDVT - Obviously on a VT Commodore.
ACDC ROCK - Blue Ford Falcon.
XTINA - My guess is that this means Christina. X=kiss, KissTina being a child's way of saying Chris. Maybe. Got any better ideas?


GGRRRR - Jaguar XK8


LOWDEO - Holden Rodeo, perhaps?


PIG GTS - Must think that he has a beast of a vehicle.


BATHTUB - Referring to the shape and colour of the car, maybe?

P.S. I saw probably my favourite licence plate on the way home tonight - MOOVOVA.

1 comment:

Hammysmum said...

Who un their right minds would want a bath tub that colour?