Thursday, August 03, 2006

More Of Those Personalised Plates

More Of Those Personalised Plates

ST8TMNT – Holden Statesman (Yes, we know what sort of statement you are making - puller)
FPV2NV – Black Ford Ute – obviously a Ford Performance Vehicle
ALFRMAO – Red Alfa Romeo


tmz_99 said...

People who have their vehicle names as their lisence plates are devoid of any imagination... saying that, I think I need to order my personalised plate next month.. K4T4N4 I'm thinking at the moment...

James said...

Seen one on a pink Honda Civic "GORJUS", and the driver didn't look that bad either.

And what are you trying to say about drivers of Statesman's???

Hammy said...

James, I believe you are well aware of my feelings towards Holden drivers. A Statesman is just a big-arsed Holden and the driver has an even larger ego problem. Haven't bought a Statesman lately have you?

Tom - Translate Katana for me.