Monday, August 07, 2006

Locked Inside My Own House

It was an interesting start to the day yesterday. Miky went to unlock the door and couldn't get her key in the lock. Thinking that her key was a little worn she tried mine. When I tried it I discovered that it didn't get all the way in properly. We were locked inside our own home. Sure, we could have used one of the other doors but we don't usually. Luckily I had a screwdriver to enable removal of the lock and a way of unlocking it. This required a walk down to Bunnings to buy a new deadbolt. And the installation to go with it.

Reduction In Buyer's Remorse

After the purchase of my mobile phone I was feeling a level of buyer's remorse. You know, that awful feeling that your purchase could have been that much better. Creating an SMS was terribly hard work. Choose one character and then select it. The character appears on the screen with a space. After selecting all the characters to make a word I then had to delete all of the spaces between characters - horribly time consuming and annoying.

Quite by accident I discovered the other day that if you choose your digit and then press to choose another digit without hitting the select button it builds the word on the screen for you. Talk about make life easier and provide a much better feeling about the phone. Much of the buyer's remorse that I experienced has evaporated but I'm still annoyed that the user manual, which I read, doesn't explain this method to input characters for an SMS.

Korean School

As if the boy doesn't have enough of school we've decided to send him to Korean school on Saturday mornings. He was a little reluctant to attend for the first time but enjoyed it so much that he can't wait to go back. Miky says that there are a lot of mixed kids there, that's understandable, and the teachers are generally volunteering their services. Some of the kids are Korean and they have come to Australia so that their parents can work. I guess that they have limited opportunity to practice Korean reading and writing as everything is done in English in this country.

Golfer's Remorse

No golf this weekend. Still got a stiff neck.

The Things You See When You Haven't Got A Gun

We went out for tea on Saturday night to Chi Restaurant in Vic Park. Made sure that we booked a table as Saturday nights are crazy for eating out in this town. No booking - no table. Being a Chinese restaurant I was a little surprised when a Chinaman started talking to me and he called me by name. When I realised that he was one of my customers from work there was a feeling of relief that swept over me. I certainly hadn't expected to see anybody I knew so it was a strange feeling.

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