Wednesday, August 02, 2006

An Explosion In Nagging Was Reached On The Weekend

Let's just say that a certain woman lost her cool on Saturday. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact she has had to work her arse off the last three or four weekends or maybe it is just that she doesn't like to see me enjoying myself. It did mean the all of the vacuuming, dusting and cleaning of toilet and bathroom was done by myself. Oh, and the tiling in the bathroom on the new vanity unit was accomplished also. Although it took until Tuesday morning for the grouting to be completed. I've only got the sealant to chuck on then she's all done.

Pre-renovated vanity unit in our bathroom. It was a bit difficult to spit into the basin when brushing your teeth, at least for the taller ones of the family, as your head was almost hitting the medicine cabinet thingy - you know, that cupboard with mirrors on the front that you keep all of your medicines in.

Pre-tiling in the renovated bathroom.

Removing the old tiles.

The old tiles are all gone. It certainly pays to have the right tools.

Tiling in progress. Stand clear.

Tiles done, pre-grouting.

Grouting done and only the sealant to go.

Don't it look marvellous? (Talking myself up a bit here)

Suffering from a cold I discovered a decent method for treating a runny nose.

No time for golf last weekend but the weather wasn't too good either. Since Monday it rained every day of the week. And boy, do we need the rain. Perth, despite having some 13 days where it rained, only received 81mm (just over 3") and that's not much in anyone's language.


Hammysmum said...

You look like 'the morning after the night before,' even though you didn't go to the party!

tmz_99 said...

dude.. good work renovating that bathroom... it looksied just a tad silly beforehand.. :) overall a great improvement, I've gone with the basin-stuck out on my new bathrooms as well. :)

honkeie2 said...

good job dude, I am such a smuch at doing stuff like that. I would have destroied half of the sink and then called in someone to fix it. Great job though ;-)

lori said...

i laughed at the pic of the tissue in the nose. I have done that myself once or twice.

when in sweden and i was sick, i took this stuff that made my nose run for 3 days. i only took 2 pills. VERY attractive look that one.

Hammy said...

Thanks Honk.

Tom - my missus decided that that was the best way to have a basin. And I have to agree with her. It is the most practical solution.

Lori - glad I made someone laugh, apart from my son. He he.