Thursday, December 09, 2004

Vaccinations Time

I mentioned a while back that Yu-Jin had a hearing test. The doctor recommended that he have an ear infection vaccination which may save him from getting ear infections, funnily enough. This set us back $160 but I am sure that it is money well spent. He seems a bit prone to them and is sick for a few days before we realise what he has got. We don't need the time off work, hassle of seeing a doctor, getting medicine, or having the young bloke sick.

He also got a meningococcal vaccination at the same time. Don't need him to catch that nasty disease. I'm one of these blokes that believes in vaccination to prevent diseases rather than worry about the unlikely side effects. His arm still hurts a couple of days afterwards but I guess that is to be expected somewhat.

Luckily Yu-Jin is a good kid who doesn't mind injections and he did get a big lolly snake after receiving them. I guess that makes it all worthwhile for him. He's easily bought.

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