Thursday, December 30, 2004

RAAF Museum Visit

I decided to take Yu-Jin somewhere during our holidays. There is no way that I want to be stuck at home with him! Made a couple of phone calls - one to a friend from childcare, Jesse, and another from kindy, Jack. They don't have much of a chance to see each other and I thought that it would be an ideal opportunity for them to get together. We visited the RAAF Museum in Bull Creek.

Boy am I glad that Jack's mum came. Three boys would have been too much of a handful on my own. There were lots of planes, motors, communication equipment and bits and bobs to see. They even had displays for the kids to use - such as a button operation for a Sopwith Camel motor. Very entertaining for the youngsters, except for the fact that they had a fight over whose turn it was and how many turns they could have. Boys will be boys.

Down in the North Shed they had the only complete Lancaster Bomber in Australia. I took plenty of photos and will add a few to the site soon. You could even view the interior of many of the planes on display. We spent nearly two hours there, and Brian Farr was an excellent volunteer tour guide, and then came the most enjoyable part - a four-seater aircraft that the boys could climb into and one which had controls to be operated. Now that made their day.

After this I took Jesse and Yu-Jin to McDonalds. A cop-out, yes. But it so relaxing there. The boys will eat all of their Happy Meals (TM) because I refuse to give them the toys until they do so. It works exceptionally well. I even managed to read all of the Wednesday West Australian while they finished lunch and played on the playground.

Jesse's mum looked after the boys when I returned them and that gave me a chance to go the city and get a few things done.

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